Wife Lesson #3: Don’t Go to Bed Angry

Editors Note: I  haven’t been posting regularly due to a sickness but I’m back now! ( I hope). Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day weekend.  While looking for an image for this post, I came across a couple in a  pair of boxing gloves, which I thought was hilarious. I realized that it may come across as a misconstrued support of domestic violence so I left it alone.


Let me begin by stating this, all aspects of social media technology are the devil. Facebook and twitter have caused marriages to crumble and now texting caused a fight between my husband and I. Obviously I am being overly dramatic but social media has made things a little interesting for all couples.

I hate talking on the phone; I’d rather send a text message. In fact, it gives me anxiety. Just the thought of having to call someone makes my palms start to sweat. Once I’m mid-conversation, I’m fine but the process to get there, whoa! It’s a miracle I still have friends. Last night while exchanging text messages, my hubby sent something that made me angry. It’s not hard to read too much into text messages; an exclamation point can be misconstrued as ‘getting hype’, and don’t get me started on ANGRY CAPITAL LETTERS!

Instead of getting into an argument with my husband I decided to go to bed early telling him that I was still sick (which I was). I tried valiantly to go sleep but those wise people who said, “Never go to sleep angry” were telling the truth. I can never sleep normally when I’m pissed off. My stomach gets knotted up, my mind races and even my dreams are centered on the argument. But my hubby on the other hand can sleep through anything and that pisses me off even more. How the hell is he sleeping while I’m over here obsessing? It’s not fair.

Sometimes sleeping off an argument can be good. Heated words can be exchanged and you need that cooling off period to reflect and regroup. But I was never good at sleeping off anything except sickness. Trust and believe that even in my sleep, I am formulating my revenge plans and I tend to wake up even angrier.
Every couple’s style is different. Mine is to stay up and fight all night. My husband can obviously snore the night away no matter what. The important thing is to find a style that works for the two of you so that you can spend less time arguing and more time making up.
What are your argument styles?

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