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2 years ago

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I never write recaps. Mainly because I don’t have the focus to write one every week.

Something about this week’s episode compelled me to write and perhaps recap is not the correct word. Whatever.
I haven’t been this excited about a television show in a really long time. Like, not since Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder debuted.
Yea, I’m that excited.
There is something about This is Us. Something magical. Even my husband who is hard to impress, watches it. He pretends to watch something else but he always happens to be around when it’s on.
The character development, the layers that are slowly peeled off each episode, and the writing...there are some good lines on this show.
I was hooked from the first episode when Randall cussed out his biological father and then invited him home to meet his grandkids.
Every week, I wait impatiently for the next episode. And since I have to watch it on Hulu, I have to wait a whole day longer than everyone else.
I watch most episodes more than once. Mostly because I have a baby and it’s hard to focus on anything other than him these days. And I hate missing stuff so I watch it again and it’s always good.
I had so many emotions last night. I could write about every scene but I’ll try hard not to. Just watch the show, if you haven’t.

I laughed so hard when little Kevin yelled at his parents. I lost it when he said, “where’s Kevin? Guess what, he’s dead.”
I feel his pain but also, it was hilarious. Little kids are funny to me.
I enjoy watching these first time parents struggle with their triplets. And like most families, someone always gets lost in the sauce. And that person happens to be Kevin. His issues are less urgent than his siblings, unfortunately.

Randall is my favorite character, hands down.

The monologue about being a Black man? Choosing what to be angry about and what to swallow? So real.

And that makes me think about the doctor on the plane, who couldn’t help a fellow distressed passenger because she was too busy answering the stewardess’ questions. The audacity of that woman to question her because she doesn’t look like what her racist mind thinks a doctor looks like. In 2016. In 2016, we still think a Doctor is a White man. She wanted to cuss that stewardess out but she had to help the passenger who could’ve died.

It makes me think about the times I walk into a room to see a patient or when I walk up to them and introduce myself as their Occupational Therapist. There is always that moment of hesitation, the flicker in their eye when they realize I’m not the receptionist, not the assistant, I’m a fully licensed and Registered OT. Boom.
And I smile and wow them with my knowledge. I make them feel better. Sometimes it works. Sometimes they ask to see my Superior and I don’t argue.

As a parent, I can see where Mandy Moore’s character is coming from. She doesn’t want her daughter to be fat because it makes her stand out in the wrong way. She wants her to blend in.
Kate is a Princess. She wants to wear that bikini and not have to eat cantaloupe for breakfast. I love her father for encouraging her, for putting sugary cereal atop her fruit. He sees her as she is, something she needs to do as a grown woman. She has a man who loves her, who sees her as her father did, and she doesn’t believe him.

I don’t know why but a lone tear rolled down my face when Randall’s biological father fawned over The Manny. It was so endearing, such a departure from the “monster” who left his own child.
Until next time. Maybe.

Brenda Fadeyibi
Brenda Fadeyibi
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