The art of sitting still

I was trying to listen to a T.D. Jakes podcast so I could get my life together and it took everything in me to simply listen.
I cannot remember the last time I sat still without doing anything. I watch my ratchet television shows while folding laundry or twisting my hair. I eat lunch at work while typing notes.
It may come from years of watching my mother always doing something. Even when we had guests over for dinner, she was in the kitchen rummaging around, never enjoying her friends.
My mind is a whirlwind of ideas, to-do lists (that never is done), and rambling thoughts. At night while lying in bed, I am thinking of potential blog posts and story ideas.
Maybe it is multitasking or maybe it called never really living in the moment.
Either way, I forced myself to sit for twenty-eight minutes almost completely still, doing nothing else but listening to the Word.
Well, almost. I jotted three pages of notes down. Lol.
Old habits die hard.

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  1. Gosh. When was the last time I just sat still? I have no idea. Like you, I am always doing something. Even when I’m sitting watching TV I’m folding laundry, making lists, polishing my nails…something. I think I’m scared to sit still because there is always SO much to do! I’m sure men don’t have this problem.

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