New York, New York!

A little more than a year ago hubby and I decided to up and move to NYC. In my case I was coming back to my home state and I hoped it would bring me closer to my side of the family.

The first few months were tough. I took a job as a contractor and was absolutely miserable in my first position.  I hated the commute, hated the lack of benefits, and the constant feeling of being an outsider.

Born and raised in the suburbs, I was not about the commuter life. I kept getting lost and hated how crowded the trains were during rush hour.

My besties were not even around, they were both in a different city for work reasons so I was also girlfriend-less.

However whenever I look out my window and see the Manhattan skyline, I remember why I am here.  I came to New York for the possibilities.

I wasn’t going to write this because I figured I haven’t accomplished anything significant but who cares, I’m happy to be right here enjoying every single moment.

Sometimes I don’t even feel as if I belong here.

 I don’t wear heels to work like every other girl seems to do. (Their feet don’t hurt?). Am I the only one who changes into their heels right before they arrive at the destination?

I don’t care how addicting Chipotle is, I’m not standing outside for it.

I still gag when I walk down the steps to the subway.  Am I the only one who smells it?

I think I hate Zara. Lol. Just kidding. But really, I only like them when they have a sale.

I still get lost. And its getting super old.

And other times I think I fit in just fine.

There are too many tourists in the street walking in groups of eight, stopping short for no damn reason. I’m like a football player out here, dodging and weaving around folks.

Seamless in NYC is amazing. We order in way too much.

My bitchy resting face is practically an accessory in this city. People look miserable in the mornings on the train.

I live for Sunday morning brunches!

I love this city and I can’t wait for the day that I can jump off the train and head in the right direction without consulting my phone. Lol.

What do you love about your respective city? What do you hate?

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  1. Lashuntrice says:

    A lot of times I want to leave because this place is so familiar. I’ve been in Houston since I was six years old. What I love is the surplus of seafood restaurants and being able to go places that I already have so many memories. It’s comforting.

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