Life is Short. R.I.P Mandela

They say death comes in threes…and this week continues to support the old adage.
Last weekend I heard Paul Walker died in a car crash.
Earlier this evening while at work, I heard news that a patient of my practice died. Although she was not my patient, I had the pleasure of speaking with her on a few occasions and she was a lovely woman. She always exuded positive energy and was always ready with a genuine smile.
I immediately tweeted, “It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working, hearing that a patient passed away always hurts. #lifeisshort.
I came home to a sick husband and news that Nelson Mandela passed away. I do not even think I have properly processed the news; I am so doped up on cold medicine.
Nelson Mandela’s death hurts; he was truly a great great man and there will be no other like him. He loved people more than himself, which is evident in the way he lived his life.
All of their families are in my prayers.
If this week has taught me anything, it is that life is what you make of it. We can grumble about the bullshit or we can work hard for what we want. When I say we, I mean me.
Hope you all are well. My sister from another mother told me that she reads my blog sometimes, which embarrasses me a bit. I am appreciative to everyone who takes the time to comment and read.

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  1. Starr R. says:

    The world was extremely blessed to have a man as fearless and loving as Mandela. I just hope that we move forward still inspired and motivated by the pieces of his energy that he left behind.

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