Friday Rundown

Happy Friday! I know I have not posted much progress with my book but to be honest I have been taking it very slowly. I mean this book is my baby and you don’t snatch a baby from the tit too early, right? Rest assured I am still working on my book and will post updates as soon as I can.

Here are some of the most interesting links from the past few weeks!

Is the pressure to be perfect Christians undermining the church?  This article by Demetria Lucas caught my eye because I have had my own internal struggle with the church ever since I graduated from college. Maybe one day I’ll write my own story.

For a few days, I kept reading outraged tweets about this White in Philly article. Read it and form your own opinion. Here are a few responses to the aforementioned article as well (here, here, and here).

Editor’s Note: At first glance, the article did not offend me even though it is titled, White in Philly. And it may have something to do with growing up surrounded by well-intentioned, well-meaning people like the author of that article. I hoped  the writer would address some interesting points, a different view point that would have me sympathetic for his plight on being “White in Philly” because from where I’m sitting, there is no sympathy to be found. However; he failed horribly.

Once again, mainstream America does not get it. Do not write these articles if you cannot honestly reflect upon the actions of this country against people of color. Do not write these articles if you only plan to interview those that share your skin complexion but stereotype the actions of Black America.  It is true; we do need to have honest conversations about race that include diverse  individuals from all walks of life. However, that will never happen, if we cannot even get a paragraph in articles about race matters. 

President Hugo Chavez died earlier this week, presumably from cancer. Since I am not particularly vested in politics I was surprised to read many of the tweets that lamented his loss due to his contributions to Haiti as well as those that insinuated praise over his passing. Read this interesting article, which does not tell the whole story but it is a start.

Enjoy your weekend and the snow!

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